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Would you like to become a friend or donor?

Do you have a warm heart for the Joodse Gemeente Brabant? Would you like to contribute not only financially but also become an active friend of the community? You can! By making an annual contribution, you can become a friend of the Joodse Gemeente Brabant and help us preserve and further grow Jewish life in Brabant.

Your donation, no matter the amount, is of great importance and highly appreciated for the continued existence of the Joodse Gemeente in Brabant. With your support, we can organize various activities and events that benefit the community. This includes maintaining our synagogue, organizing educational programs, and promoting cultural events.

"Every contribution, regardless of the amount, is greatly appreciated and contributes to the preservation and growth of the Joodse Gemeente in Brabant."

The NIHS Brabant has an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) status, which means that your donations are tax-deductible. This allows you to not only contribute to an important cause but also benefit from potential tax advantages.

You can become a friend of the community with an annual contribution of 25 euros, 50 euros, or even 100 euros. For those who wish to have an even greater impact, we also offer the option to become a friend for a custom amount.

Please make your donation to the following details:

Name: NIHS Brabant

Account number: NL37RABO 0163310335

RSIN/Fiscal number: 002560938

Thank you for your support of the Joodse Gemeente Brabant!

Our ANBI number is: 860450983

NIHS Brabant is committed to fulfilling the legal obligation to publish information:

Doneer hier -
Donate here

Bedankt / Thank you!

Direct Debit (Automatische incasso)


NIHS Brabant uses direct debit (automatische incasso) as a convenient payment method, making the donation process much easier. After filling out the form, you don't need to take any further action. Our treasurer will handle the debits and inform you in a timely manner.

On the form, you can indicate whether you prefer a one-time direct debit or a recurring one. The recurring direct debit can also be used if you wish to make periodic donations in combination with a donation agreement. It's good to know that the automatic debit can be canceled or reversed at any time.

If you're interested in using the direct debit option, you can download the form, fill it out, and return it to or

Hendrik Casimirstraat 23, 5616 BJ Eindhoven.

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