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NIHS Brabant

Welcome to the website of the Jewish Community of Eindhoven.

Welcome to NIHS Brabant!

Welcome to NIHS (Netherlands-Israelite Main Synagogue) Brabant! We have created a warm and welcoming community where everyone can feel at home. We are a thriving Jewish community located in the beautiful province of Brabant, in the southern part of the Netherlands.

At NIHS Brabant, we take pride in our rich history and traditions. We strive to preserve and strengthen our Jewish identity, and we offer a wide range of religious, cultural, and educational activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our synagogue is the heart of our community, a place where we come together to pray, learn, and connect with one another. We regularly hold services and prayer gatherings, where both members and non-members are warmly welcome. Our talented rabbi is always available to assist and answer questions, whether it's about religious matters, personal guidance, or educational programs.

In addition, we organize various cultural and social events, including lectures, concerts, movie nights, and festive celebrations of Jewish holidays. We believe that celebrating and sharing our traditions is an important part of sustaining our community and promoting understanding and respect for Jewish culture.

Our community welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We strive for inclusivity and respect for diversity, and we encourage dialogue and collaboration with other religious and community organizations. Together with them, we are dedicated to creating a peaceful and harmonious society.

If you are interested in exploring Jewish traditions, attending services, participating in educational programs, or simply meeting new people, we warmly invite you to visit our community. Whether you are new to the region or have been living in Brabant for a long time, you will receive a warm welcome at NIHS Brabant.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to plan a visit. We look forward to meeting you and building a thriving community together at NIHS Brabant!

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