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Bruiloft luifel

Marriage blessing - Chuppah

Congratulations! You have decided to get married! The NIHS Brabant - Jewish Community Eindhoven is ready to assist you during the preparation period and on the big day itself.

Judaism encompasses a wide range of religious and cultural traditions related to engagement and marriage, which are upheld within our Jewish community. The next step in your life is crowned with the chuppah, the Jewish wedding ceremony. In Eindhoven, this usually takes place in the synagogue, but you can also choose a different location, such as a hotel.

Before standing together under the chuppah (wedding canopy) amidst all your guests, certain formalities need to be fulfilled, and it's important to prepare well. Rabbi Simcha Steinberg will be pleased to inform you about what is expected of you and what you can expect from us. As part of the preparation, there will also be a discussion about various halachic aspects of married life after the wedding day.

In addition to the religious ceremony, there are other celebrations that friends and family of the couple would like to organize. For advice and support in any area, you can also turn to the Jewish community. There are multiple kosher caterers available.

The seven days following the wedding ceremony, known as the sheva brachot, can have a festive touch. The Shabbat before the chuppah is also special as it includes the aufruf. We will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information for these occasions.

For more information about the mikvah, please contact us.

Additional Information: For your Jewish wedding, you can start gathering some documents in advance. We kindly request the following documents:

  • Photocopy or scan of the ketubot (marriage contracts) of both sets of parents.

  • Photocopy or scan of the wedding booklet or an extract from the civil register for the civil marriage.

  • Photocopy or scan of the passports/identification cards of the groom and bride, including two passport-sized photos of each.

Administrative fees and costs for the rabbinical services are as follows:

  • For members*: €250.00

  • For non-members: €500.00

  • If one of the partners is a member: €375.00

  • If the chuppah takes place in a synagogue, the rental fee will be determined by the synagogue.

*The member's price applies only if the Ecclesiastical Contribution has been fully paid.

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